Responsive Wordpress Websites Built by Pixviewer

Launch an impressive responsive Wordpress website that looks amazing on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Responsive design leverages a single web presence and optimizes the user interface to the workflow of the device it is delivered to. No more pinching and zooming to navigate around a web site that was never intended to be delivered to the compact view of a mobile device.

Moving Wordpress? Migration/Conversion?

Are you looking to move your existing site from its current location to a new host? Or convert from a static site to a Wordpress site? You have come to the right place.

Wordpress Theming

Installing the perfect theme to match your business or services, or your personality is what makes your website memorable and distinct. But customizations can be tricky, and getting great design and functionality to complement each other is an art in itself. Our coders and designers will work with you to give your site a unique look.

Below are three Wordpress templates that we can incorporate with your new or existing site running Wordpress. See more Wordpress Themes

  • Nimble theme

    Portfolio | Business

  • Lucid theme

    Blog | Magazine

  • StyleShop theme

    Business | eCommerce