During many years of association, our websites have been managed with much care and diligence by Nishanth Gopinathan and his team at Pixviewer. Our e-mail and other marketing activities have proven highly successful over the years. Much of our business success can be attributed to their efforts.

Website: JewishMusic.com

Marketing: Facebook, Newsletters

Misc: Brochures, eBook Creation

My company had a very noticeable positive growth in rankings for top keywords when Pixviewer team were brought on board for internet marketing. They made several necessary adjustments to our websites to make them search engine friendly. Within a few months our sites started showing up on the first pages of most search engines for queries related to important keywords that were relevant to us.

Overall we have had a great experience with Pixviewer, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get good quality SEO work done.

Website: MidasFunds.com

Marketing: SEO

Misc: Site Optimization

Ms. Maria Cida Stolz

Ms. Maria Stolz Artist and Entrepreneur

I had a wonderful experience with the Pixviewer team. They helped me get my site cidafinearts.com redesigned and mobile-ready within two weeks. They were helpful, available and committed to ensuring everything was done perfectly. I ended up making two more sites for businesses I had, because they knew what was good for my business and did it in a creative and professional way with eye-catching results, while helping me realize my vision.

In addition to website development, I have also come to value their input on marketing strategies for our products. All the three sites are listed on search engines, and being promoted on social media sites. If you are looking for a reliable web design company, then Nishanth Gopinathan and his Pixviewer team are the way to go.

Websites: modernprintdecor.com cidafinearts.com mariastolzsantas.com

Marketing: SEO, Social Media

Misc: Responsive Web Design

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