Hùng Nam Records

Vietnamese-American musician Hùng Nam has been recording music for the past two decades, and the site was meant to showcase everything he produced till date, and giving an option to his fans to connect with him and buy his products online.

Address: 686 Commack Rd., Bay Shore, NY 11706


Hùng Nam Records

686 Commack Rd., Bay Shore, NY 11706, USA

Hung Nam Website: http://www.hung-nam.com

Our Task


Our tasks included studying the market for Vietnamese music in America and abroad, providing a web design that suited the client, web development, integrating music store to sell the digital music downloads, search engine optimization, and making sure all the major search engines spidered the site once the pages were up. We also worked on many DVD and CD covers, videos for youtube, editing photos and music for the website.