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During the second quarter of 2019, it was found that 28.5 percent of all digital e-commerce dollars in the United States were spent via mobile devices. Mobile retail spending amounted to over 41 billion U.S. dollars during that period. Business owners can’t afford to ignore the smartphone revolution, or mobile visitors any longer. During a February 2019 survey of U.S. mobile owners, 57 percent of respondents stated that they had used a mobile retail app to look for more information about a product or a service and a further 51 percent had purchased something via mobile.

This is the time to redesign your existing websites to accommodate the mobile devices. We know that many businesses have limited budgets and this is our effort to help small business owners gain online visibility and increased sales, while working within a tight budget.

The “Name Your Own Price” Mobile-ready Websites, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization and Submission package is your chance to take back control of your online business strategy. The number of features you get (shown below) will be determined by your budget, and preferences. The more your budget is, the more you get. Remember: You can have a better designed site with more features if you do not want to spend money on marketing, or you can have a well designed site with less features, while concentrating on marketing. You be the judge of where your dollars go!

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