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PixvieweR™ offers an affordable professionally designed Website for individuals who want to take charge of the site and do regular updates, or small businesses that want to manage the online work flow in a collaborative environment or has the need to manage the content of their Web Site. We provide an interface to add, edit and delete content easily, through a secure admin section that is only accessible to you.

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The Advantages of Using a Content Management System

Even though your visitors will not be able to tell the difference, from your point, non-technical contributors – including you or your staff – can edit pages and expand the site’s content without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. The newly added content will inherit the visual appearance from the already established design of the site. When pages are added or deleted, the site’s menus are updated automatically. With the right plugins added, the changes made to the content of your website can be automatically posted to major search engines.

A recently designed site

ScottJordan.com is the website for Scott Jordan Furniture, makers of high-quality wood furniture crafted in Brooklyn, and NYCs premier source for top quality sofa beds, eco-mattresses, sleepers & more. The site was recently redesigned, adding WordPress as the backend CMS, and using a RWD theme to incorporate every screen size from monster monitors to tiny phones, so that the product images stretch across the screens and give users the optimum viewing experience irrespective of the devices at their disposal.

See RWD in action!

If you are using a desktop, resize your browser to see how this page changes! You can learn more about the advantages, and concept of RWD here.

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