Israeli Singer & Songwriter

Smadar Vimzer was born in Poland and raised in Israel. Following her military service in 1976, she became part of various bands that toured the country and in 1978-79 she became a member of the very successful group known as Sexsta.


Smadar Vimzer

Israeli singer and songwriter who became famous with her very first album, “Every Time is a Good Time” which includes “Don’t Argue”, “Donna Lee”, and “Walls”, combined with several of her original songs, use her website to sell her music and stay in touch with her fanbase.

Smadar Vimzer Website: (Status as of Jan 2019: Inactive)

Our Task


We were in charge of creating covers for her new album, converting old songs from tapes to digital format and creating clips, and setting up a brand new eCommerce site running on Shopify.

We are also in charge of the Digital Marketing campaigns and print campaigns, creating posters for new shows etc.